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RADIO AMSTERDAM NOORD entered the Ether for the first time in 1973 via the FM

with a tiny channel from a bedroom in Amsterdam Noord

it all started as a hobby of Peter de Platenvreter (then 16 years old)
he thought that R.A.N. (RADIO AMSTERDAM NOORD) was a nice name
the broadcasts could be listened to every Sunday afternoon
and because there was nothing at all in Amsterdam Noord in this area, the R.A.N. grow slowly
some DJs started playing and became more and more known among the people of Noord
Other (Radio) Pirates later also quickly realized that, so the power of the channels was constantly increasing
more up also we were going to broadcast in STEREO (as the first Pirate) and was the R.A.N. now throughout
whole Amsterdam and received more and more listening friends (young and old)
in 1977 the broadcasts were temporarily stopped because the owner Peter was called
for his home country (conscription) it remained silent with R.A.N. until 1982

Chris Duis (Technology) approached Peter with the request for the R.A.N. to restart
the R.A.N. went again with low power emitting irradiate on the cable antennas
(breaking in via WDR a German channel that did not broadcast on Sunday afternoon)

that became a resounding success, we were very well listened to almost immediately
but there too the government put an end to that, so it was not allowed
we have then in consultation with the director of the cable company KTA
decided to go back into free ether with a lot of power and a big mast and Peter
had decided to make the R.A.N. a commercial weekend station this was a hit

rose a resounding success we continued to grow and eventually switched to 24/7 and were then
listen to almost all over the Netherlands our popularity did not go unnoticed in The Hague
together with three other major radio stations, the R.A.N. silenced with a great deal of power and violence
Amsterdam was (as an exemplary City) completely cleaned in one night with regard to Radio stations and it became STIL on the FM

In 2018 the idea came to the R.A.N. to let her hear again we are working on NON-STOP BROADCASTS
and intend to broadcast again via the Internet purely as a hobby for more information about the broadcasts
then view the News Page and go to the Listen Radio Page with the broadcasts
for more information and photos go to the (Webblog Page - Only Dutch).


We were one of the larger ones until 23 November 1987
  Pirate (Free Radio) stations from the Amsterdam region
  With then:

  Peter de Platenvreter (Founder - DJ)
Chris Duis (Technology)

Nico Grigoleit - Ferry v.d. Meer
(Program management - DJs)

René v.d. Vaart
(Sponsors and Accounting - DJ)

Other employees - DJs
Ron Verheul (RIP) - Edwin van Engelen - Willy de Wit - Henry - Lydia - Elly v. Amstel - Malende Meulen - Paul the mix (RIP)
Rene Sandtkamp - Jeroen de Schijvenschieter - Rob Duin - Ruud Brinkman - Mark Spits - Toontje Lager (RIP) - Ome Ben
Bart de Bruin - Oddo Rodeweijk - Michael Shultz - Rob de Wilde - Michael Prince - Ron de Wit - Rene Plump - Hans de Wit
Ruud Streekers - Billy Cellotape (RIP) - Friends club (Dirk, Adrie, Nettie, Henk)
Hellen (Telephone) - Sponsors



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